SoftStar offers one-on-one computer training at your office or home ... a personal computer trainer to bring you up to speed quickly and easily on any PC software environment you need to master.

We have been helping people for over 15 years become more efficient with their computer, adding great benefit to their job, their company and career.

We know we can help your firm and career!


The SoftStar training concept began in 1986 as a challenge to solve a problem we were having with our standard classroom training techniques. The task of learning to use a PC and the popular software programs of the day, did not really lend itself to a classroom environment. We found that learning to use a computer was more like learning a musical instrument. Who would dream of taking an all day class in piano basics and then joining a working band. You don't learn piano in an 8 hour class and you do not learn a computer like that either. We discovered that weekly, one-on-one lessons, for one to two hours a week was highly effective in bringing a student's computer skill set forward at a rapid pace.

Hence....SoftStar was born.


SoftStar has software trainers that come to your office or home, work on your computer desktop environment, on your software versions and on your projects. The training is one-on-one for as many or as few hours as your require, working on topics and projects that you choose. There is no rigid curriculum.

Learning to become a true "information navigator" and to really master this 21st tool is now within your grasp.


  We have trainers that can come to your home and setup a learning schedule for your entire family. This is a great way for the kids to get a head start and a casual atmosphere for adults to really master this universal tool.  
  Call and ask for the SoftStar Department ....949. 589.7200